You are witness here to the collective work of 25 Journalism and Middle East Studies students at Northeastern University. We have embarked on a five-week reporting adventure during which we are traveling to three different countries in the Middle East – Egypt, Syria and Qatar. From May 2 through June 5, we will be reporting, via the blog below, what we are witnessing. Politics, culture, arts, economics, religion and international relations are just some of our interests. To the right, you will also find a list of our names. These are our personal blogs. (There are 21 undergraduate and four graduate students among us.) Unlike what’s below – which will be edited as journalistic dispatches – the students’ personal blogs are their own responsibility. What’s written there reflects their thoughts, opinions and even fears and hopes as they engage in what will undoubtedly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. So, check back often. There will be something new to read from us every day.

(Thanks to my friend Lisa Berasi, graphic designer extraordinaire, for making our banner. Here’s more of her work: )


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